A Paradox of Dreams


A Paradox of Dreams

Written by Harshali Singh
Translated by
August 8, 2022

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Dreams are mystical wonderlands that can be traumatic and yet shine a light on the hidden depths of our consciousness. Charu, the blind third daughter of the Sharma family, uses her psychic abilities to find victims as part of an SIT headed by Ravi, her lover. Back into the fold of the Haveli, Charu wakes up from a horrific dream to answer a phone call from an old friend, Prithvi Chauhan, the suave Minister of State. He asks Charu to help him locate his kidnapped younger daughter Myra, for old times’ sake. Like a Matryoshka doll, Charu and Ravi uncover the nefarious intentions behind the polished lives of the Chauhans even as Charu battles with dreams that claw at her psyche and memories.

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