For better mobile view, click here. Buy this Book Price: PKR 1000 + shipping Published by Zuka Books Recently published book Wolfie by Pakistani journalist Sonya Rehman is a much needed piece of work in the Children’s Literature genre. Delightfully funny, unpretentious and peppered with just the right amount of poignance reflecting on lessons about… Continue reading Wolfie | Ensconced in the Magical World of Friendship and Hope | Review by Sabin Muzaffar

For better mobile view, click here. It’s a world that’s lived mostly on Twitter—-a world where women become easy targets, offensive terms like ‘feminazi’ are coined—- and angry women are now caricatured and slotted into one narrative—-they hate men. So an aggrieved section of men rose up and called themselves ‘meninists’ to counter the feminism… Continue reading Her Allies: Asking Difficult Questions To Forge Allyship Rather Than Walking on Eggshells | A Review by Lakshana Palat

Click here for better mobile (responsive) viewing.   Meditative pauses, abrupt halts, soulful variations and metaphoric juxtapositions weave the lilting fabric of lyricism that makes up Knotted Grief. A book of poems; it is rather a moving rendition that goes beyond line, meter and length. The artist tentatively unclasps all the twists of despair and… Continue reading Knotted Grief: An Intimate Rendition of Loss And Longing | Review By Sabin Muzaffar

Buy This Book: Amazon UK | | E-book | Waterstones | Hive |    Shortlisted for the Palestine Book Awards 2017 and included in the 2012 IBBY Honour List of outstanding books. ‘An excellent read for adults or teens. Discussions: Who is in charge of this damned world? What is our responsibility towards… Continue reading Code Name: Butterfly

Buy This Book:  Amazon UK | Waterstones   Out 23rd of September 2022 Victoria Williamson is an award-winning children’s author from Glasgow. Her previous books have won the Bolton Children’s Fiction Award in 2020 and 2021. On a remote Scottish island, fourteen-year-old Max’s life changes forever when he loses his hearing in a boating accident.… Continue reading War of the Wind | Seven Seas Collection – Children’s / Middle Grade

Buy This Book: Amazon UK | | E-book | Waterstones | Hive |    Shortlisted for the Global Literature in Libraries Prize and the Etisalat Award for Arabic Children’s Literature ‘With the universally relatable politics of family and community, this was a mighty experience.’ — Dr Sofia Rehman, @sofia_reading Young love, meddling relatives,… Continue reading Trees for the Absentees

Buy This Book: Amazon UK | | E-book | Waterstones (Paperback) | Hive |    Winner of a major award from The Romanian Cultural Institute in London ‘Brimming over with magic and mystery, murder and misdirection, magical realism fans won’t want to miss this meal of the imagination, crafted by a talented master… Continue reading The Book of Perilous Dishes

Buy This Book: Amazon UK | Waterstones  Out 11th of October 2022   A captivating coming-of-age story —perfect for fans of Kate Elizabeth Russell and Holly Bourne — this debut novel explores consent, mental health, and the complex world of teenage sexual politics. Fourteen-year-old Brooke Tyler has spent her whole life waiting for a boy… Continue reading Can I Stray

Buy This Book: Amazon UK | | E-book | Waterstones | Hive | Featured in Harper’s Bazaar and at the Contemporary Muslim Fashion exhibit at the Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City. ‘A well-researched and tender portrait of the politics and people behind a movement.’ — A Harper’s Bazaar Essential Fashion Book… Continue reading Modesty: A Fashion Paradox

Buy This Book Could a woman married to the greatest warriors of all time just be an ordinary queen? Who was the real Draupadi? The battle of Kurukshetra is over. The Pandavas reign peacefully over Hastinapur but all is not well with Draupadi. Leaving the palace, in search of answers, Draupadi meets Mahadev who brings… Continue reading TRIHAYANI | The untold story of Draupadi