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Readomania exists to nurture, curate, and bring to you content you love. It is a publishing house that takes pride in encouraging talent, new or old, and provide a wonderful platform for awesome stories. Readomania makes this possible in multiple ways.

The first as an independent publishing house, Readomania boasts of multiple imprints across various categories—fiction, nonfiction, children, to name a few. An eclectic mix of content for its readers, when you read a Readomania title, you enter a world that’s yours, supported by unique and quality narratives.

The second, as an online publishing platform for writers—a place to share stories, poems, opinions, travelogues, a way to explore your creative talent. Available as premium, as well as free-to-read content across multiple genres, the reader is spoilt for choice. Join the publishing house in this journey, as it explores, develops, and presents stories to its readers and audiences.

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