Buy this Book Price: PKR 1000 + shipping Published by Zuka Books Recently published book Wolfie by Pakistani journalist Sonya Rehman is a much needed piece of work in the Children’s Literature genre. Delightfully funny, unpretentious and peppered with just the right amount of poignance reflecting on lessons about animal cruelty and mistreatment, this story… Continue reading Wolfie | Ensconced in the Magical World of Friendship and Hope | Review by Sabin Muzaffar

It’s a world that’s lived mostly on Twitter—-a world where women become easy targets, offensive terms like ‘feminazi’ are coined—- and angry women are now caricatured and slotted into one narrative—-they hate men. So an aggrieved section of men rose up and called themselves ‘meninists’ to counter the feminism movement. The end result? Women’s voices… Continue reading Her Allies: Asking Difficult Questions To Forge Allyship Rather Than Walking on Eggshells | A Review by Lakshana Palat

Meditative pauses, abrupt halts, soulful variations and metaphoric juxtapositions weave the lilting fabric of lyricism that makes up Knotted Grief. A book of poems; it is rather a moving rendition that goes beyond line, meter and length. The artist tentatively unclasps all the twists of despair and the tightly fastened boughs of despondency – these… Continue reading Knotted Grief: An Intimate Rendition of Loss And Longing | Review By Sabin Muzaffar

Buy This Book Ethereal stories of longing, belonging, of love, yearning and loss, The Night in Her Hair by Huma Agha Abbas and Taiba Abbas, seems like a sweet sojourn in the mystical past. Indeed, it is that and so much more. Words enchant and transform their readers into winged dryads, fluttering and prancing from… Continue reading The Night in Her Hair | Book Review by Sabin Muzaffar