Journalist, Author, Nilanjana Bhowmick chats with Ananke’s Empower Fellow Zara Ahmed on revealing the truth about patriarchy and women’s care work  in South Asia What inspired you to pursue a career in journalism and focus on international reporting? I have always been passionate about social justice and women’s rights. After graduating with a degree in… Continue reading On Social Justice And Recognizing Women’s Lived Experiences

Ananke’s Empower Fellow and Editor, Paramount Books Nuzhat Nisar chats with multi-faceted, literacy dynamo Sulagna Mukhopadhyay. This interview was previously published on AnankeWLF’s parent website Ananke and can be viewed here. We can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes it is just a person, a sentence, or a moment of silence. Sulagna Mukhopadhyay is one… Continue reading An Encounter with the Rare Sulagna Mukhopadhyay

Journalist, fiction writer, poet and translator, Sascha Aurora Akhtar chats with Lakshana Palat about her upcoming book The Belles-Lettres of Hijab Imtiaz , the South Asian struggle vis-à-vis literary publishing and more.   Sascha A. Akhtar is an ACE supported writer, translator and educator. Over a span of 20 years she has published six poetry collections and… Continue reading Sascha A Akhtar: On Creating Narratives of Empathy & Emotions

The eminent author, actress and stage director leaves Sabin Muzaffar entranced with her thought provoking ponderings on identity, belonging and not fitting into any box.   Born in 1965 in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, Myriam Tadessé has lived in Paris since 1978. She studied theatre, philosophy, dance, music and internal martial arts. An actress and stage… Continue reading Myriam Tadessé: On the imbalance of feminine and masculine energies

Images courtesy: Karen Osman

Sabin Muzaffar interviews Karen Osman about the launch of her thrilling second novel The Home and her journey as an author. This article was previously published on Ananke and can be viewed here. Karen Osman is an award-winning writer originally from England and based in Dubai, UAE. After completing a B.A. in Linguistics and English… Continue reading Tete-e-tete with Karen Osman

image courtesy: Sabyn Javeri

Author, Sabyn Javeri chats with Lakshana Palat about penning stories of interlocking oppressions, giving voice to survivor realities.   Your novels Nobody Killed Her and Hijabistan have a powerful sense of breaking free from a cruel society of iron restrictions and constraints that have bound and chained people—mostly women throughout the years. Do tell us… Continue reading Sabyn Javeri on Subverting Hegemonic Literary Traditions

Distinguished author and filmmaker, Annie Zaidi – Ananke’s WLF2022 speaker – chats with Sabin Muzaffar about organized patriarchy, the dangers of building a culture of oppression through vitriol, violence and confinement of the mind and physical self. In one of your interviews, you spoke about the power of literature – be it in its broadest… Continue reading Annie Zaidi on gender-based censorship, complicit silence & sly endorsements of violence

Image courtesy: Kehkashan Khalid

Illustrator, writer Kehkashan Khalid speaks with Lakshana Palat about overcoming challenges in the publishing landscape, especially in the market for speculative fiction..   You’re an artist, as well as a writer. How did these two professions complement each other for you? Do tell us about your journey in both. My art and my writing share… Continue reading Kehkashan Khalid On Finding A Hint Of The Fantastical In Speculative Fiction

Image courtesy: Mehr F Husain

Lakshana Palat chats with author and founder of Zuka Books & Zuka Accessories, Mehr F Husain about publishing and the challenges of being a female, independent publisher. You’re an author and entrepreneur, two inspiring professions. Do tell us the journey of taking on two such difficult tasks, and whether one complemented the other. It was… Continue reading Mehr F Husain On Creating A Cycle Of Sustainability

Author, professor and Second Wave Feminist Leader, Phyllis Chesler chats with Ananke’s Sabin Muzaffar about her amazing life’s journey and her book. This interview was previously published on WLF’s parent organization Ananke and can be viewed here.   Would you say the course of your life has had a great impact on your vision and perspective? We… Continue reading PHYLLIS CHESLER: A Politically Incorrect Feminist