Buy This Book ‘Turns out some climaxes are better than sex! This book takes you on a quirky ride that every woman will relate to.’       Neena Gupta, actor  ‘A heart-warming tale with undertones of fun, laughter, anxieties and forbidden romance. An entertaining, quick read!’ Vinita Dawra Nangia Executive Editor & Columnist, Times of India Can… Continue reading Better Than Sex

Buy This Book   Dreams are mystical wonderlands that can be traumatic and yet shine a light on the hidden depths of our consciousness. Charu, the blind third daughter of the Sharma family, uses her psychic abilities to find victims as part of an SIT headed by Ravi, her lover. Back into the fold of… Continue reading A Paradox of Dreams

Buy This Book   What can strip away the polite veneer of an apartment complex and lay bare a world of secrets and lies? The discovery of a stranger’s body on its premises. Ira Dutta is an ambitious journalist who dislikes the ‘middle-class stagnation’ of Panorama Apartments. Nandana Roy is a stay-at-home mom, in the… Continue reading A Killer Among Us

Buy This Book   Is it possible to have it all—friends, family, work, a loved one and still feel unloved? Kiara Sen is certain that starting her own venture would redeem her in her mother’s eyes. But, her desire for a perfect ‘fairy-tale’ is maybe stronger than she imagined. Kyle wolf has his entire life… Continue reading Unloved in Love

Buy This Book   Journalist Mrinalini Rao is on an investigative trail to discover whether Padmavati, the Queen of Chittor, actually existed or was she only a legend created by poets.  Who was Padmavati, the Queen of Chittor? What does history tell of her? Where did she come from? What kind of life did she… Continue reading Padmavati

Buy This Book   What would you do if your world comes crashing down around you? Caught in the cross-hairs of a raging civil war in Syria is Ameenah. Displaced unexpectedly as a child bride, she navigates out of the heart of Damascus, and plunges into the ancient city of Aleppo. Her voyage of self-discovery… Continue reading The Doodler of Dimashq