Buy This Book   Aravanis or hijras have long been the invisible yet hyper-visible subjects of a societal gaze that reduces them to stereotype. Imagined as often as looked at or talked about, simultaneously revered and cursed, they have, in the process, been refused individual histories, lives and identities, even selves. Yet the community continues… Continue reading Our Lives Our Words: Telling Aravani Lifestories

Buy This Book   Because I have a Voice lends voice to 27 writers, as they articulate their thoughts, and share their unique personal experience of activism and of being queer. The introduction to the book offers a preliminary understanding and an open-ended illustrative list of who queer people might be: Hijras, Kothis, Lesbian, Gay,… Continue reading Because I Have a Voice

Buy This Book   As the varied discourses within gender studies grow increasingly complex, the study of masculinities continues to remain an area of darkness within the South Asian reality. An unprecedented and timely effort, ‘A Little Book on Men’, a graphic book, attempts to address many of the issues and questions that surround masculinity… Continue reading A Little Book on Men

Buy This Book   Muslim women have mostly been discussed and studied as passive victims who have no agency. Muslim Women Speak seeks to correct this by traversing an expansive canvas of dreams, aspirations, memory and everyday lives of both the ‘researcher’ and the ‘researched’ in an extensive study conducted in several states of India.… Continue reading Muslim Women Speak: Of Dreams and Shackles

Buy This Book   Footprints of a Queer History is a simple narrative of queer stories marked by personal journeys, political consciousness, socio-legal struggles, friendships, and love; it puts on record, within the larger historical backdrop, our humdrum and unexceptional acts of everyday-living that are pierced with the pain of stigma and silence. Stories capture… Continue reading Footprints of a Queer History: Life Stories from Gujarat

The narratives in this volume constitute immense challenges and small but profoundly significant triumphs. Located within a personal journey of emergence from a space fraught with silences and half-truths, the book documents the life-stories of ten working-class queer women living in north India. In doing so, it dispels the myth that lesbians in India are… Continue reading Loving Women

Buy This Book   Anjali Purohit’s lovingly crafted translations of Bahinabai Choudhari’s poetry bring into English both the cadence and the ethos of this remarkable woman’s oeuvre. Bahinabai (1880–1951) was named after a 17th-century saint who composed devotional abhanga poetry. Born into one farming family in northwestern Maharashtra, she was married, at an early age… Continue reading Go Talk to the River

Buy This Book   Thamizhini joined the liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam (late) at the age of nineteen and spent eighteen years as a combatant, educator and, for some time, head of the women’s division of its political wing. Her memoir, in the shadow of a sword, weaves back and forth between reminiscences of her… Continue reading In the Shadow of a Sword: The Memoir of a Woman Leader in the LTTE

Buy This Book   Shaheen Bagh: A Graphic Recollection is a graphic account of the most famous political sit-in of recent times, which started on one side of a public thoroughfare in Delhi in December 2019 and continued till March 2020 when it was cleared by the police after the government declared a nationwide lockdown… Continue reading Shaheen Bagh: A Graphic Recollection

Buy This Book Chellammal’s Journal records the journey of a woman in an upper-caste joint family in early twentieth-century Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu. It excavates the complex familial relationships within the walls of the house, and the interplay of love, hurt, affection, disappointment, anger and control which thwart the aspirations of a young woman. In her… Continue reading Chellammal’s Journal: A Woman’s Memoir of a Joint Family in Early Twentieth-Century India