TRIHAYANI | The untold story of Draupadi

INR 350

TRIHAYANI | The untold story of Draupadi

Written by Rupande Mehta
Translated by
September 6, 2022

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Could a woman married to the greatest warriors of all time just be an ordinary queen? Who was the real Draupadi? The battle of Kurukshetra is over. The Pandavas reign peacefully over Hastinapur but all is not well with Draupadi. Leaving the palace, in search of answers, Draupadi meets Mahadev who brings to her the ultimate truth of her being. Drawing deeply from Indian mythology across the yugas, Trihayani is a story of Draupadi unlike anything you have heard before! With vivid descriptions and unprecedented portrayals of characters, Trihayani is a befitting end to the true protagonist of the epic Mahabharata: Maharani Draupadi.

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