Unloved in Love


Unloved in Love

Written by Rituparna Ghosh
Translated by
August 8, 2022

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Is it possible to have it all—friends, family, work, a loved one and still feel unloved?

Kiara Sen is certain that starting her own venture would redeem her in her mother’s eyes. But, her desire for a perfect ‘fairy-tale’ is maybe stronger than she imagined.

Kyle wolf has his entire life decided for him—take over the reins of his father company and continue the wolf legacy. But, there is something about Kiara that makes him want to break free.

Karan Shergill does not believe in relationships. He definitely doesn’t want to be caught dead in one-sided love. But however hard he tries to walk away, every path leads back to Kiara.

As their lives entangle and spiral out of control, do they find the elusive love or stay unloved?

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