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Yoda Press was the Winner of the Publishing Next Publisher of the Year Award 2016. ​​

Founded in 2004 with an alternative publishing vision, Yoda Press aims to create lists around subjects which are not usually a priority for other publishers in India, even though they have a critical presence in contemporary discourse, authorship and an audience.

Yoda Press is known for publishing on subjects such as sexuality, popular culture, cities and urbanism, architecture as a lived experience, and new perspectives in Indian history and sociology. Our LGBT list and Sexualities series have been the preferred home for cutting-edge writing in alternative sexuality since 2005. In August 2015, we initiated a joint imprint with Sage Publications for our academic titles, SAGE-YODA PRESS. Yoda Press launched its Fiction list in December 2016.

Yoda Press founded a brand new joint imprint for its trade titles with Simon and Schuster India in early 2020.

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Loving Women

Loving Women

The narratives in this volume constitute immense challenges and small but profoundly significant triumphs. Located within a personal journey of emergence from a space fraught...
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